About Us


What is Melboss?

Melboss is a music hub and open marketplace for professionals. We bring individuals involved in the music industry into a professional community that encourages networking and collaboration, as well as provides the necessary opportunities for exposure and services in order to accelerate an artist’s career.

Our Mission

Melboss aims to efficiently harness the creative powers of the music industry in a transformative way, by sharing its beneficial platform with the community. We encourage creativity and capitalization of the unique tools in which we provide them and seek out emerging and talented artists from all sides of the equation interested in the development of their careers. With this process we hope members cultivate artistic and professional pursuits that define the industry.

The Team

We have a great perspective on the processes and dynamics that requires the music industry and, with our experience and solid knowledge in technology, marketing, social media and business, we offer to the artists those services that maximize their full potential.

Our History

Melboss co-founders Francisco Buendia and Filippo Tartari.


Francisco and Filippo saw the emergence of music services such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Music which have led the revolution of how music is delivered and consumed in today’s digital era. They joined minds and realized that part of the music industry was still firmly anchored to the past. From the creation to the distribution of music, it was still old-fashioned, fragmented, non-democratic, offline and subject to the inefficiencies of an analogical world.


A handful of record labels still control the industry which hinders the chance of a transparent, democratic and open marketplace for new talents and opportunities. This situation got Francisco and Filippo thinking. They dreamt of how the power of the internet could help music professionals make and monetize more and better music. They delved into the lives of musicians and witnessed their struggles and pains. Francisco and Filippo agreed that the internet would one day inevitably help music professionals break free from the old limitations. They would finally be able to leverage the opportunities that Internet offers to create, promote, distribute and monetize their own music in an open, democratic and profitable online marketplace, full of talent and opportunities.


Francisco and Filippo quit their jobs, and dedicated their savings and long hours into turning this dream into reality. And thus Melboss was born.

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Melboss is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, connected to the music industry.


Alexandra Dorante

Community Manager & Visual Editor

Andreína Oropeza

Creative Design

Lourdes Martínez

Community Manager