Kitsune Art


About This Project

An emerging band with a lot of promise, something that is corroborated with the critics of their newest album “Signals of Synchronism.”


When they started with Melboss, they were already quite established as artists with a large number of fans, however, as an emerging band they wanted to continue growing and improving.



  • Website Update.
  • Facebook Events for scheduled concerts.
  • Broadcasting and promotion in targeted zones.
  • Concert recording on the 30 of December in the Sala Arena (Tribute to Linkin Park).
  • Assistance with the music video for “Keep the Flame Inside”.
  • Organization and assistance for the launch of their new album, “Signals of Synchronism,” which included two events, Press (2 of December) and General Public (3 of December).



Fan growth of social media websites and positive results throughout the media.

Alternative Metal