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This is the first step in building a brand for a new or established artist. Once your new single or album is planned, we design all the channels to be consistent and ready on release day. Our main goal is to create an attractive image so that when fans come to your profile, they stay.


We always offer the highest quality design for every channel, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, and Facebook. We also take care of creating all the necessary teasers to generate awareness for your new release.


We make sure you have all the creative pieces you need.

social media branding

We have worked together with the largest record labels in the world and the most recognized artists. We have learned the strategies and techniques to develop any artist.


The image on social media should be the FIRST thing any artist should take care of.


This creates expectations for your new launches, which will help attract more attention to your brand.

Melboss Music - Social Media Growth
Melboss Music - Artwork Design


The art of your new single, EP or album is vital to the success of the project. To distribute your project, you will need the proper artwork. Our goal is to offer an artistic design that suits your brand in general, but matches what you want to communicate with your new release.


We always deliver files of the highest quality based on a briefing made with the artist. We make sure that you can share the pieces on all digital and physical channels.


Get started today and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at and one of our project managers will contact you


As artists, you need the best possible image for your brand. Your website is your cover letter and it should attract the attention of your fans.


At Melboss we take care of designing and developing a website that works perfectly to offer exclusive content to your fans.


Our web pages include integration with newsletters, sale of merchandising, Spotify player and connection with social networks.

Melboss Music Branding