About Us

Melboss is the music hub that connects professionals in the music industry, creating a collaborative community that encourages networking and offers opportunities and services for the development of music careers.

Melboss Open 2016

Music Marketing by Melboss rises with the purpose of giving a closer and personal service to the professionals in the music industry.

Our team is specialized in digital communication for artists: we develop marketing strategies and create audiovisual content.
Our main objective is supporting local and international talented artists. We promote community creativity by using unique tools for promoting our artists. We are specialized in the online promotion of album releases, tours, venues and festivals.

We also work with brands to create different music experiences and to strengthen relations with their clients.


Thanks to our tool analysis platform, we identify each individual artist’s fanbase and seek out a brand that fits the same style. In doing this, we are able to create more personalized experiences depending on each project. Additionally, we work to produce impactful audiovisual content during events and its diffusion through social media platforms.

Want to further develop your brand? We’re here to help you.

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