Artist Development


Learn It From THE REAL DEAL, NOT From Someone Who HAS NOT Done It And Does Not Live It


The first thing you need to realize, understand & accept is that nobody makes it in the music business on their own. Every star in the music business today does have or has had a music career mentor of some kind – all of them, zero exceptions.

For this reason, Melboss provide you the best mentors to boost your career.

Also, Melboss Team analyzes the success of all your content and digital campaigns.
We measure your social networks, generate a custom report and provide a digital marketing strategy for the next month.


Included in the service:

  • Social media detailed report
  • Strategical planning
  • 1 Mentoring Session per month

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Melboss Music will provide you with all the tools artists need to gain exposure, increase fanbase and succeed in the music business. If you are an artist, a band, a management company or a label join us today and enjoy the benefits of working with a service-oriented company.

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