About This Project

Despite being emerging artists, they are well established with their own unique style. When it comes down to creating music, performing and connecting with their audience, they do it well.



  • Video and photo coverage of their first concert organized for one of their patrons of crowdfunding
  • Video and Photo coverage
  • Promotion of music video (15 of February) and album (1 of March) through the use of street marketing
  • Newsletters for important events and announcements (music video posts, albums, contracts, etc)
  • Presskit
  • Teasers and promotional videos, with later online distribution
  • Online publicity campaigns
  • Communication with the media
  • Graphic material (posters, banners, etc)
  • Design & merchandising



  • Their fanbase has growth thanks to street marketing actions
  • Better contacts in the music industry
  • Remarkable increase of Facebook fans (122%)


Working period: 7 months