About This Project

Kai Etxaniz grow up singing with her mother, playing to record themselves singing together with a radiocassette. 

Some  years later, he became the author of professional  singles and has written lyrics for well-known artists as  Ana Torrojas, Malú or Lorena Gomez..


Etxaniz has also joined other famous artists on their live performances and has recorded the chorus in some albums of  Extremoduro, Inconscientes, Chenoa, Ciclonautas, Rulo, Tierra Santa or Carlos Baute.


Nowadays, Kai Etxaniz keeps writing the lyrics for others artists as a member of the Sony ATV Spain crew. . And he comes back to the purest essence with his project ETXANIZ and the album “The momentum before jumping”. An album which shows and intense life moment of personal growth and self-acceptance.



  • Monthly report based on Social Media activity and engagement.



  • Guidelines and orientation about improving his personal brand on social media.


Work Period: September 2019 – at present

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