About This Project

Mucho is the musical project of Martí Perarnau IV. The band was borned in 2010 and they’ve already launched three albums. In 2018, Perarnau IV stood alone and recorded “ This is why I leave you, Perarnau”, the breakthrough single of the upcoming album of January 2019.

The single portends an amazing album and opens the door to the electronic music in Perarnau’s compositions. 



  • Updating social media networks and digital platforms (design and info)
  • Creating new content for social media 
  • Social Media management 
  • Promoting Mucho Noir Club 2019 tour
  • Creation of online advertising campaigns 
  • Covering their concerts and album releases on social media 



  • Fanbase increasement 
  • Sell concert tickets through advertising campaigns
  • Improving the design and personal brand in social media


Work period: September 2019 – Nowadays

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