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Music Marketing

We study your social networks by analyzing the digital content and providing a digital marketing strategy according to your objectives, to generate detailed reports, creating digital campaigns and audiovisual content.

We create a solid community in social networks, localizing an audience connected to the artist by coordinating the different strategies to develop their music career.


Using the results analyzed in the reports, we plan the ad campaigns in the different social platforms, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube and Facebook, using resources such as micro-targeting. We take care of the design, development and launch of the advertising campaign, through attractive design and content.

Social Media Marketing
Melboss Mentors


Melboss puts at your fingertips the best mentors, who can help you launch your career.

Our Mentoring Service is made up of some of the best professionals in the national scene.

We cover all aspects of the music industry, production, Communication, Editorial / Legal, Image / Branding and Management.

Mentoring sessions can be done either physically, online or by videoconference. These sessions can last between 30 min, 90 min or purchase a pack of 3 sessions with the same mentor


We create the artist’s graphic materials such as press kits, flyers or banners. We also do consulting and creation of a personalized image of the artist, complementing it with the web design of the web pages, logo design, photographic booking, video lyric, videoclips and live recordings.

Music Marketing by Melboss
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