Despite being emerging artists, they are well established with their own unique style. When it comes down to creating music, performing and connecting with their audience, they do it well.



  • Video and photo coverage of their first concert organized for one of their patrons of crowdfunding
  • Video and Photo coverage
  • Promotion of music video (15 of February) and album (1 of March) through the use of street marketing
  • Newsletters for important events and announcements (music video posts, albums, contracts, etc)
  • Presskit
  • Teasers and promotional videos, with later online distribution
  • Online publicity campaigns
  • Communication with the media
  • Graphic material (posters, banners, etc)
  • Design & merchandising



  • Their fanbase has growth thanks to street marketing actions
  • Better contacts in the music industry
  • Remarkable increase of Facebook fans (122%)


Working period: 7 months

Branding, Music Marketing