Bye Papi Nazareth is a multidisciplinary Italian Peruvian urban music artist based in Madrid. Bye Papi Nazareth is a composer, choreographer, lyricist, professional dancer and pianist.


Bye Papi embarked on a journey of artistic discovery at a very young age and grew up listening to a wide variety of musicians, starting with her father Jorge Garcia Yañez, a renowned Peruvian classical guitarist in the seventies and eighties, who educated her in music with the rigor of a conservatory at home, her musical ear in various genres that have been of great influence in the creation of her own sound.


Bye Papi Nazareth seeks to offer something different and unique to her followers and that is why she performs music of her own inspiration creating rap, dance, ballet and storytelling shows.


She graduated as a choreographer and performer in classical dance at the “Instituto Universitario de Danza Alicia Alonso” at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.


She was a dancer of the National Ballet of Peru and the Municipal Ballet of Lima, in addition to having worked in television programs such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “FAMA a Bailar” in her native Lima Peru.


He is currently studying a Master in Musical Composition and Interpretation at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has developed a new avant-garde called Rap sur les Pointes: Evolution of neoclassical dance on the urban word and its relationship with Dadaism, whose artistic research work is continuous, very soon we will be able to enjoy this work in his next album.





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