August 2018. With the release of ‘Yeyo en Mi Iphone’, a single from his first album (‘Hellpopstar’), Goa’s musical career took off. This track caught the attention of Yung Beef, an artist with whom the joint album ‘Traumatismo Kraneoencefálico’ was released that same year. This first collaboration places Goa in a new category within the “urban” genre.


In 2019 he releases ‘Segador de Almas’, an LP recorded with Fish Narc in New York City. A few months later, the artist releases ‘Inmortal’, a new work with new collaborators such as Albany and LocoAlien.


Goa does not stop his activity, in 2020 he surprises with ‘Love Is Hell’ and in 2021 with ‘Unplugged’, an album recorded with Pochi, a producer who has been with him since his beginnings.


New featurings are being added, with producers and artists who want to be part of his history: Cold Hart, La Zowi, Kayidi Cain, the label La Vendición… as well as new concert dates throughout the national territory with his presentation tour, ‘Immortal Tour’ and even having his own party, ‘IMMORTAL’, in the mythical Razzmatazz in Barcelona.


Goa is the precursor of rescuing rock guitars in the urban scene. In doing so, he has managed to bring the new generations closer to a new, more powerful and melancholic horizon.


To the rhythm of the Roland 808 that tinges his music with dark beats, he tells us stories of depression, anxiety, heartbreak and drug addiction. The bridge between his music and the rawness of reality is what makes him create such a direct and strong connection with his fans.


He draws his inspiration from the grunge and rock of the 80’s – 90’s under the protection of bands such as Nirvana, Black Sabbath, The Strokes, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. It’s this centrifugal music that collapses against your eardrums with tales of a city boy’s thousand and one nights.

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