Inspired by icons such as Lady Gaga and Adele, up-and-coming artist Lolah is inspired to use her poetic calling and create music that subtly narrates striking stories, and at the same time represents her iconic musical range and grasp over numerous genres. Using music as a form and medium for empowerment, Lolah is set to soar in the industry of rich indie music.


Born and raised in a Vietnamese family with a medical background, up-and-coming singer and artist LOLAH’s trajectory for music was set at birth. And though she eventually did end up practicing dentistry, the stunning singer soon found her calling through music, adopting music fully in 2018 as a career.


LOLAH has shared stage with established artists and bands from all over the world such as The Vaccines and Frank Turner, The Empty Pockets, Antigone Rising, and Heavy Tigers among others. In 2019, she released her debut album in the U.S titled “Let’s Go”. The album was her first self-produced album and includes 4 fresh single that fully highlight her genius.


Multitalented, LOLAH plays the guitar, sings and independently produce her songs. Having left dentistry behind, the budding artist boasts a stunning discography that includes her album/EP titled “Let’s Go” which consists of 4 songs, and other notable singles such as “Memories” and “Pull the Trigger”. “Memories” in particular encompasses authentic indie folk and country rock vibes and offers rich and soulful music to relate to. LOLAH’s music has also been nominated for Bai Hat Viet, a big TV show contest in Vietnam.


Her guitar riffs take great inspiration from the hippie era of 70s rock and blend with the vocal melodies of contemporary pop music. Driven by a great stage presence and passionate and high energy, LOLAH is inspired to keep on building on her musical genius and masterful lyricism.





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