Luis Eduardo Fernández Cano or “Luis Fercán”, as we all know him, is one of the most personal and recognisable voices on the current music scene. After working with several bands in his native Galicia, in 2016 he began his solo career as one of the most recognised emerging singer-songwriters. The mixture of his charisma and the depth of his songs, make you get hooked and you can’t stop listening to him.


In 2018 he publishes his first full-length, “Grieta”, with an incredible reception, positioning him undoubtedly among the authors to follow. In 2019 follows the EP “Furias” whose single “110” reaches one million listens on spotify without entering any list, confirming the bright future of the singer.


He has just finished his new album, produced by Nacho Mur, which will be released this summer 2021. An album that will mark a before and after in the singer-songwriter’s song in this country.




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