If you close your eyes and listen to María Yfeu’s voice, you’ll think you’re in front of a singer with experience on stage and a career that has made her draw from numerous musical sources.


If you open your eyes, you still think the same thing, but you discover a 22-year-old who in a short time has become one of the sensations of the new national scene.



After singles like ‘Grudges’, ‘Let It Grow (Up)’ and ‘All These Days’, with which the Sevillian stole our hearts with her impressive voice and managed to attract the attention of the national music critics, on 19 November she releases a reinterpretation of the mythical Gabinete Caligari song, ‘Cuatro Rosas’.



María Yfeu is an artist in capital letters. Her eclecticism allows her to easily immerse herself in her passion from various prisms, with influences from jazz, MPB, tropicália, auteur music, pop, rock, punk, post punk, new wave… and especially any sound that comes from countercultural and fusion movements.





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