Mucho is the musical project of Martí Perarnau IV. The band was borned in 2010 and they’ve already launched three albums. In 2018, Perarnau IV stood alone and recorded “ This is why I leave you, Perarnau”, the breakthrough single of the upcoming album of January 2019.

The single portends an amazing album and opens the door to the electronic music in Perarnau’s compositions. 



  • Updating social media networks and digital platforms (design and info)
  • Creating new content for social media 
  • Social Media management 
  • Promoting Mucho Noir Club 2019 tour
  • Creation of online advertising campaigns 
  • Covering their concerts and album releases on social media 



  • Fanbase increasement 
  • Sell concert tickets through advertising campaigns
  • Improving the design and personal brand in social media


Work period: September 2019 – Nowadays

Ads Campaigns, Music Marketing