Pau Corea is a composer and music producer based in Madrid, and originally from Valencia, who has been a drummer and keyboardist for almost 15 years in various rock, indie and electronic bands.



“La cumbre” is the first advance track of his debut album, which has been simmering for five years in his recording studio. This album will be released at the end of 2021 under the Movistar Sound label and managed by Live in Dallas, home of artists such as John Talabot and Pional. The album design is by Gonzalo Hergueta, who has worked with artists such as C. Tangana and Ziontifik, and the promotional photos are the work of Sergio de Arrola.



Pau Corea’s music is easy to get into at first listen, but it is full of subplots and nuances that are discovered with each listen. A mysterious pop in which the avant-garde and the mainstream work in perfect harmony, full of sensitivity and innovative sounds.



Pau Corea tries to express a kind of precious beauty, but at the same time strange and broken. There is an atmosphere of melancholy in the voice, in the melodies, in the emotion of the chords. A melancholic pop full of new sounds, with personality and sensitivity.



But there is also a certain hip hop groove in the drums, sensuality in the rhythm, always between the electronic and the organic.



His proposal follows in the wake of early James Blake, Bon Iver, or Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, with Pau being the sole composer, performer and producer in all his songs. He has also recorded, mixed and mastered all the songs.





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