Showpay was set up in 2004, its songs are influenced by different music genres as funky, R&B or electronic but all of them have the same thread: pop-rock.

Living in Madrid, Showpay likes trying new songs and moving around all the scenarios of the capital city. Nowadays, the band is in the middle of a renewal process, so let’s see what’s going on with Showpay in this new chapter.



  • Updating social media and digital platforms (design and content)
  • Creating promotional content : photoshoots , posters, logos, short videos 
  • Promoting the new album: teasers of new songs for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook
  • Creating online advertising campaigns  
  • Looking for venues for upcoming concerts
  • Mentoring sessions with professionals of the music industry
  • Social media management 



  • Fanbase increasement
  • Set the same personal branding in all social media 
  • Networking in the music industry


Work period : July 2019 – today

Ads Campaigns, Branding, Mentoring, Music Marketing
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