Una vez medianoche is the post-pop band formed by Pascal Chahin and David Cobos. Last Monday, October 8th, they released their debut album, ‘Amanecer’.

“Amanecer” is an album that begins from personal stories in which experiences and deep emotions merge together in eleven different and complementary songs.

Listen to this album is starting an intense journey like life itself. The songs create atmospheres and colours through the music, which surrounds them with haloes of mystery, energy, light and darkness. Listening from beginning to end, with the ears and the soul ready, is a journey through all kinds of emotions and feelings, and that is what makes it interesting and magical.

Acoustic and electric elements have been mixed together to create a unique sound that defines the identity of Una Vez Medianoche. With Manuel Colmenero as the producer, this ship continues sailing towards new universes.


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  • Playing in different events: Melboss Open 2018 (Melboss Music private event for music proffesionals in SKY 44, Madrid city centre)


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