Yogures de Coco invites us to a round of happy pop suitable for any lover of the genre. The
quartet drinks from the independent scene in its rhythmic gracefulness and luminous sound, with
Daniel’s voice enlarging us in a style that hits the bull’s eye with its qualities.


Yogures de Coco was formed in Madrid as a fusion of musical styles. In March of 2016, the
band releases their EP titled “AZUL” (Entrebotones Producciones). Four cuts demonstrate the
breadth of the sonic range of the set.


From the more melodic and walking pop of “Carnaval” through the festive folk of “Valparaiso”
to the more classic pop-rock of “Viajero.” The band took their EP live to cities like Bilbao, Vigo,
Alicante, Valencia, Benavente, etc. They were also finalists of the Young Creators 2016 contest
of the Community of Madrid, the Talento Ribera contest of Sonorama 2016, and the Showing
Music Awards 2016.






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